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Dinner & A Murder Party

Dinner and a Murder Party


Have you ever wanted to be a pirate…perhaps a femme fatale…or are you more the hero type?  Are you bored with the same, old dinner parties?  Let us help you turn that ho-hum dinner into a full-blown adventure where you and your friends become suspects in a murder!  Will you be the emperor of Rome, Licentius Caesar, son of the late Disgustus Caesar or will you be the sweetheart at the Sock Hop, Penelope Loafer, also known as Penny Loafer?   No matter who you become, you are all suspects in a murder that has taken place right before the dinner hour has arrived. 

Before arriving at the scene of the murder, I mean, arriving at the exclusive dinner party that is the height of the season, you will receive a dossier with your invitation explaining who you are for the evening.  Come dressed for the part or receive props that will be provided to enhance your performance. 

There will be an introduction in the beginning with a guide who will set you on your course for the next few hours.  You will receive secret information about everyone in the room and secret information about yourself.  Your job is to reveal all of the secret information that you have on the other suspects while trying to keep your secrets intact.  Turn the tables on someone or accuse someone else of “being at the wrong place at the wrong time”, but you can never lie about your own character.  

After two acts, you and your murderous, I mean, lovely friends will break for dinner.    Choose from several delectable menus prepared by your own personal chefs.  After dinner, you will resume your sleuthing and finish the evening with dessert after accusations have flown and the murder is solved.  Be the one or ones who solve the murder mystery and you will receive a special prize for your brilliant detective work. 

Choose from different themes:

(1)            1950’s Sock Hop where the dress is poodle skirts, rolled up blue jeans to go along with your leather jacket, saddle oxfords and white T-shirts with cigarettes rolled up in your sleeve.  (Of course, the candy ones will do.)

(2)            Ancient Rome where togas and sandals are the rage.  Silk vines in the hair to give the appearance of the Roman leaders.

(3)            1920’s Gangster Era where the men wear suits and fedoras and the women wear flapper dresses or longer dresses to depict this time period.

(4)            The Wild West where the men dress as gunslingers and the ladies dress as saloon girls or in long dresses with aprons and floppy hats.

(5)            Halloween theme where the players are different monsters.
Other themes are available on request.

Once your theme has been picked, please call us to get suggestions for your menu.  You must have a minimum of 8 people to participate in the murder with no more than 16 for a more intimate dinner.   
We are personal chefs who come to your home and cook everything fresh for you (except for the BBQ items that are usually cooked on our pit for 8 – 12 hours).  Our menu includes an appetizer, main entrée with two sides and dessert.  Call for pricing.

If your party is more than 16, please call us so that we may help you.

Chef Pat and Denise Mayberry

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